POST #9: Gromit

I briefly mentioned him earlier, so I figured I should elaborate more on who this “Gromit” is for anyone who might be reading me for the first time today (hello monitor John and blackiceburn!). Gromit is our 10-month-old beagle puppy (and, yes, he is named after the plasticine character). Wanna see?

I love him so much. I’ve never had a pet before, but always thought about having a dog. And when I thought about having a dog, I thought about having a beagle. To me, they’re what I think of when I think of “dog”, like the picture you’d use when teaching the word dog to a three-year-old. They’re a mid-size, with floppy ears, and do all the doggie things. Bigger dogs sometimes resemble wolves more than dogs, and little dogs sometimes act more like cats than dogs. Beagles are just right.

So when we bought our own place, one of the primary motivators was so that we could have a dog. We probably rushed into getting one too fast (about a week after we moved in), but I’m happy we did, since it meant we got Gromit. Sure, another beagle would probably exhibit a lot of the same breed-specific behaviours, but I think he’s special in some areas that makes me glad we have him. Primarily, he’s a lot quieter than the average beagle, who are usually very loud howlers. Don’t get me wrong, Gromit can howl with the best of them, but he rarely ever howls or barks in the house. Even amongst other dogs, he’s usually quiet (he generally reserves his howls for nighttime when he first goes out, or when a bike goes by). When we pick him up from daycare, all the other dogs go nuts while our Grommy sits quietly in his crate. Oh, and he always barks when someone comes to the door, cause he’s a good guard dog.

Since I spent most of my life dreaming about what it’d be like to have my own dog, you could understand if the reality was a bit of a letdown. But the truth is that Gromit has pretty much met all my expectations. Sure, he’s a handful at times, but I always knew a puppy would be. But the rewards outweigh the difficulties by far. I love being able to care for another living being who is dependant on me. He’s been a great addition to our family in that respect. I love seeing the complete joy in him when he goes to play at the park. I love seeing his little beagle brain work when he’s trying to figure out how to get another treat. I love when he curls up to sleep with us (when we let him), putting off his desire to pee to meet his desire to assume an honoured place in the pack.

Pretty much, he’s the dog I’ve always dreamt of.

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