POST #36: Guest Blogger

17 hours and 35 posts later, and I’m out of ideas. That’s not actually true, but I’m not motivated to write about them right now, so welcome one, welcome all to a guest blogger, Billy!!!

I’m thesaint’s brother-in-law. I actually completely forgot he had his blogathon today, but when I finally logged on to Livejournal today and his cries of loneliness moved me to come over and see how he is doing. As well, it was an opportunity to drink his Coke, eat his chips, watch his tv, and read his comics. Somewhere in there I will speak to Andy. Eventually. For a guy who has been up and blogging since 7:00am, yesterday, he’s holding up well. He hasn’t even broken into the Red Bull. Gross stuff, no wonder he delays.

As well as spelling for Andy, I figured I go into a bit of a retrospective, since I was a witness to his last blogathon. Then, he didn’t live where he lives now and was only renting an apartment. He didn’t own Gromit. I was then motivated come over by the promise of food, which was Ethiopian. For anyone who hasn’t tried it, try Ethiopian food sometime. It was also not nearly as hot last year.

Even the charity that Andy was blogging for seems to capture the moment. Last year he was blogging for Amnesty International. Not surprising given the political climate last year, which doesn’t seem like it has abated. With the interest in global warming, Andy’s charity for this year isn’t too surprising either.

I think I need to post this now, maybe I’ll be posting later, but Andy seems to be doing well by himself.

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