POST #41: Because you can't spell "handyman" without "Andy… man"

At the Mates of State concert a month ago, we bought a limited edition silkscreen print. We'd been thinking about buying some concert art for awhile now to get us some original art that reflects our tastes, but none of the concerts we'd been to since coming up with the idea had any for sale (or at least nothing we'd want on our wall). There are stores that sell concert posters, but we wanted to stick to shows we actually attended.

So we got the poster framed, and picked it up a week ago. It's been sitting upstairs wrapped while we were busy this week, but now, at almost three in the morning, I decided it time to hang it on our wall (with Billy's assistance). And here I was thinking that I wasn't going to be productive all day. Here's proof:

And here's a close-up of the art without the heroes in the way:

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