POST #42: Comics

Along with being obsessed with watching TV and movies, and listening to music, I’m also a comic book reader. I have been off and on since I was kid, amassing a pretty big collection along the way. I don’t collect like I used to, and I’m not anywhere near as passionate as I once was, but I still follow a handful of titles.

After several years of dormancy, I drawn back into comics on my honeymoon, when I spotted a Wizard Magazine with the announcement that Joss Whedon was set to write for X-Men comics. I’m a huge Whedon fan (I think Buffy the Vampire Slayer might be the best TV show of all-time), and had been a huge X-Men fan for a large part of my life (I think one of my runs goes about 200 issues straight). So I bought the magazine, which led me to go back into comics stores to be the Astonishing X-Men series that Whedon was writing.

Later, through downloading, I came across Y: The Last Man, after reading an interview with its writer and creator Brian K Vaughan on the Onion AV Club. I quickly fell in love with the series, devouring the 25 or so issues that I had downloaded, and then getting all the trades so I could have them for my own.

That led me to another Vaughan series, Ex Machina, which is brilliant in its own right. Figuring that Vaughan could do no wrong, I went ahead and bought the first hard cover collection of Runaways, and learned that I was right (it turns out that I wasn’t quiet right… his earlier work for Marvel with their characters weren’t as great as his own creations. I didn’t quite care for his Mystique series, and only read one trade of his work on Ultimate X-Men). Both books remain on my pull list, even after Vaughan left Runaways and was replaced by… Joss Whedon!

So I proved that I’ll buy anything written by these two (including Vaughan’s excellent Pride of Baghdad graphic novel and fun Escapist mini-series), but I didn’t stop there. After reading tonnes of praise and buying a preview issue for 25 cents, I finally checked out Fables by Bill Willingham, and found myself loving it almost as much as Y: The Last Man. I’ve decided to just collect that one in trades though, since the monthly issues are often unsatisfying one by one.

Once it was announced that Whedon was releasing a new Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics series that would function as a season eight (with Vaughan following up with the next arc of stories), it was quickly added to my reserve file, bringing the total of monthly series I currently collect to six. And they’re all fantastic.

So comic book readers, is there anything else out there that I should check out based on these tastes? Who’s the next Vaughan or Willingham that I’m not reading?

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