POST #44: Status Report

I'll be honest, right now, it's more about survival than brilliance. I'm tired, to say the least, but I'm not dying here. I just don't have much motivation to write anything significant. I feel spent, posting wise, and just want to be quiet. Sadly, I have five more posts to make after this, so I'll have to dig deep.

I think I'm done eating junk for tonight. Today I've had chips and dill pickle dip, nachos and southwest salsa, some Hagen-Dazs cookie dough ice cream, and a chocolate/raspberry milkshake (NOTE: I didn't eat a whole serving of any of that stuff, don't worry too much about me). I might have a Vector Berry Blast bar still, but no junk (and, yes Kim, I did eat a banana). Can't promise that I won't drink more caffeine, but I'll try to stick to water.

Anyone out there that's not actively in the Blogathon still awake right now? Maybe somebody from a different timezone or something?

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