POST #45: The Year in Movies So Far

As with every year, I'm guessing all the top quality movies are being held back until the winter Oscar season. Thus far, I've seen 13 movies released in 2007, pretty much most of the movies I've wanted to see (right now it's looking like Sicko might be the first significant movie I'll end up missing in theatres as it's down to a few screens and I'm not sure if I'll have time to see it this week). What are the highlights? Glad you asked.

Zodiac, Knocked Up, Ratatouille, and Hot Fuzz have been the best of the best, Sharkwater is a Canadian documentary worth watching, and 28 Weeks Later and Ocean's Thirteen are decent, albeit not as good as the originals. Spider-Man 3 was a disappointment that I still ended up liking (although I probably overrated it), as was Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

On the other hand, Blades of Glory was stupid, and not in a good way, 300 was impressive visually, but also pretty dumb, and Shrek the Third was absolutely abysmal. The worst I've seen all year.

Still no five star reviews issued this year (although Zodiac came close). Here's hoping I'll see one soon.

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