POST #48: Just Killing Time

My original plan was for this second-to-last post to be a video post, but the video seems to be taking longer to load up to photobucket, so I guess that will be my last post. Sadly, I didn't have much planned for what was going to be my last post, other than to declare my victory over sleep, so I guess I'll do that now and assume that I'll make it to the next half hour.

Thank you one and all for visiting and reading these posts. Don't worry if you're getting to them days later, you can still feel free to comment. And just in case anyone was moved to pledge, I'll post that link one last time:

From there, you have to make an account with All proceeds go directly to

I think I'll go brush my teeth and get ready for bed while waiting for this last video to load. It better get there by 7 am.

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