London Calling

In two and a half hours, we’ll be on our way to the airport on a flight headed to London, England. It is quite exciting (the idea of a vacation, not the impending transcontinental flight). From there, we’ll head to Bath via train, spend a few days there, then back to London for a week there. This is my first time in the UK (not including Heathrow stopovers), so I’m looking forward to it. If any of you have any suggestions of things to do there, leave a comment. I’m sure I’ll be finding my way into an internet cafe or two while there.

I finished up my contract with Shell this morning, so I am no longer contracting with them (and am unemployed… hopefully not for long). It wasn’t always the most challenging or exciting work, but the people were all nice and it was nice to have my first grown up job. The pay was especially nice, affording me the opportunity not only to go on a trip such as this, but also to lease a new car, and buy a house, which in turn lead to us getting our Gromit.

If you’re wondering, Gromit will be staying with our friend Julie for the first part of our trip, playing with her pup Whiskey. Then, she’ll bring him over to our dogwalker friend, who will look after him in her house full of dogs that’s right across the street from his favouritist place in the whole world – the park. It’s possible that he’ll have more fun in the next week and a half than we will.

So that’s all for now, tally ho old chaps and all that.

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