Greetings from London. Pip-pip and all that.

After a casual few days in Bath, we are now in London, wearing ourselves down in all the hubbub. Bath was a nice place, albeit on the quiet side. This was probably for the best at the beginning, as it took us some time to recover from the flight and get used to the time difference. We got there at 2:30, then slept until the next day.

We spend the rest of our time touring the small city, taking in some exhibits, riding some buses, seeing some Roman ruins. On Monday, we took a tour to Stonehenge and surrounding environments. It was cool and all, but really frickin cold and the cramped van that took us around made us feel a bit sick. In the future, I think I’ll just recommend a trip to Stonehenge and Avesbury, but skip the Cotwolds stuff. When we got back to Bath from that tour, it was time to indulge in the spa that makes the town famous. It was basically a really expensive warm pool, but it was still nice. Also nice was going out for Nepalese food afterwards. Because that’s cool.

We were in bed most nights around 9, sometimes partaking in the DVDs at the B&B (tried to watch Flushed Away, but it was too awful to keep us awake. Truly terrible). So the adjustment to London has been harder. We mostly strolled around looking for somewhere to eat last night, but today has been busy, busy, busy. After buying discount tickets for a show tonight, we went to the National Gallery, zipping around only paying attention to the featured works (otherwise, we’d be there all day). We walked down Westminster to the War Cabinet and Churchill Museum. This was quite possibly the most well done museum I’ve ever been to. If you’re even remotely interested in the man and are in London, I highly recommend it. After a quick change and dinner, we are now about to see our play, The History Boys. I felt seeing something British would be more appropriate than an imported American production. Here’s hoping it’s good.

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