Saturday in the old country

Another busy day in a teeming metropolis yesterday. Kim gets a little squirrelly with all these people around. I don’t think we’ll be booking any trips to Tokyo or Hong Kong anytime soon then. Yesterday we started the day with a bus tour of the city, one of those hop on hop off double-decker deals. We took it from Victoria Station near our hotel to the stop by the London Eye, where we had lunch then went on the Eye. That was cool. It was even sunny enough to enjoy it (but still windy enough to make the day chilly, which is probably why March isn’t everyone’s favourite vacation month).

From there, we took a cruise tour of the Thames (free with our bus tour ticket), going all the way to Greenwich and back. We didn’t do much there, since it’s mostly a naval place, but… I’m counting it as a place I’ve been. We mostly hung around Piccadilly and environs after that, having dinner at a Modern Indian Tapas restaurant. It was all very interesting, but a bit too modern for our tastes. We’ll have to find some honest Indian food later.

We were going to go see The Other Boleyn Girl, using the same keeping-things-British model that lead us to go see The History Boys the other night (which we quite enjoyed), but we got to the cinema after it started. So we saw Be Kind Rewind instead, which Britishness aside, was probably the movie I wanted to see most. Since I may not be writing as many movie reviews when I get back, I’ll say that it was decent, but not as good as I’d hoped. I’d say to leave it as a rental, which would also be thematically appropriate.

In “other countries do things oddly” news: the movie theatre had assigned seats. They charge higher prices for premium seats (so, the middle basically), then issue you tickets for specific seats. We paid the general price, and were seated in row N, seats 17-18. Odd that.

Books are really cheap here. At HMV in Bath, we bought The Diving Bell and the Butterfly for 3 pounds ($6), and Touching from a Distance for 4 pounds ($8). Two newish paperbacks for $14? Not bad. I also bought a couple David Bowie CDs I’d been trying to track down for 2 for £10. The strangest thing? They weren’t wrapped! You could just crack open the cases and look at the CD (or, take it if you were a thief). My mind, it was blown.

Off to the British Museum today, to go look at stuff from other countries. Cheerio.

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