Blogcritic Magazine: My New Blogging Adventure

I've decided to do what I can to get more people to read my reviews, since I think they're pretty good and all. To that end, I have recently joined the website Blogcritic Magazine, “A Sinister Cabal of Superior Writers”, who will publish my reviews on various pop culture subjects.

It's a pretty good site, so I encourage you all to check it out. Right now, a link to my The Other Boleyn Girl review is on the home page. Now that I'm a writer for that site, all of my reviews will debut there before I post them here (I'll probably delay it by a day or so). This is a request they make so more google traffic goes to them (which they, in turn, could pass on to me by linking here twice with every post of mine). Here's hoping this leads to bigger and better things, even if they aren't that much bigger or better.

You can view all my Blogcritic contributions here: (so far it's just the one, but that's where they'll all be indexed). And if you're the type to Digg or Reddit or Shoutwire internet articles, feel free.

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