Spring Movie Season 2009

Apparently, Spring is in the air, and thus its time for me to declare which upcoming movies of the season have caught my eye. Last time out, I listed a total of 17 films that I wanted to see in that period, most of which were actually 2008 releases. Of those 17, I ended up seeing 11 of them, with one movie’s release date being pushed back to this Friday, and another that was pushed back to Friday, so I only skipped out on four I listed. I’ll catch Defiance when it comes out on blu-ray, might still make it out to Monsters vs Aliens (only on 3D though), and think Duplicity is probably worth watching, but will probably wait on that too.

This season will be the last in awhile where I can go to movies at will, and even then, the end of the season could be touch and go. As such, I’m trying to be pickier with my choices. Ultimately, this isn’t the worst thing in the world, given that many of the movies I’ve gone to recently featured various projection problems (scratched prints, poorly framed projection, not projected brightly enough, bad sound), whereas my home set-up has only gotten better.

April 3
Adventureland – This is the one that was held back until this weekend. I was interested in Greg Mottola’s Superbad follow-up back when I hadn’t heard much about it, and remain interested now that I’ve heard more about it. I have a feeling that a movie about young people working in an entertainment centre (an amusement park in this case) will feel pretty familiar to me (I worked in family funhouse-type places as a teen).

April 10
Observe and Report – It’s the year of the mall cop comedy, and while I had no interest in the other one, I have mild interest in this one. I’ll need to read some reviews before I can commit to whether or not I really want to see it, but it’s darker tone has me interested.

April 17
State of Play – When I first saw that a bigger name cast like the one that makes up this film were in a film that was being released earlier in the year, I figured it must suck. But it doesn’t look like it sucks, so I’m interested.

April 24
The Soloist – This actually doesn’t look that good, and especially looks like a naked attempt by Jamie Foxx to grab a second Oscar (the definition of going half-retard). But it does have Robert Downey Jr, so I’m not writing it off just yet. Moreover, director Joe Wright has proven an ability to take what look to be dull, middlebrow ventures and make them pretty interesting.

May 1
X-Men Origins: Wolverine – As a life-long X-Men fan, you’d think I’d be all over this one, but in truth, I’m still not sold. Of course, the last time we saw X-Men on screen, it hurt my soul. Plus, my least favourite element of any X-Men era is when it became the Wolverine show. I never collected his solo titles unless they crossed over with the main book (I’ve yet to read Origins, and probably never will). Also, I’m having trouble figuring out why a supposed solo story seems to involve more characters than the first X-Men movie. But… I’ll probably see this anyway. It’s funny that the biggest selling point for an X-Men movie is the involvement of Taylor Kitsch.

The Limits of Control – I’ll admit, I hated the only other Jim Jarmusch film I’ve seen, but damned if this trailer doesn’t look slick. I’ll have to see about this one, since I can’t really trust the critics for it, since the things they might love about it could be the things I’d hate about it.

May 8
Star Trek – Not only am I not a Trekkie (I was a casual fan of TNG), but I’ve grown tired of the entire idea of prequels (further explaining my ambivalence toward Wolverine). But I’m pretty excited for this one, simply because it looks pretty awesome. I didn’t think I’d be interested in another Star Trek movie, but here I am.

May 15
Angels & Demons – My wife says she enjoyed this book more than The Da Vinci Code, so maybe I’ll enjoy this movie more.

The Brothers Bloom – This release date is constantly shifting (I think this is third time I’ve written about it in one of these posts), but we’ll pretend it’s actually coming out this time (albeit in limited form). I loved this movie when I saw it at TIFF last year, and highly recommend it to everyone. I’m not sure if we’ll have the time to go see it again, but I’d like to.

May 22
Terminator Salvation – Yes I’m excited about this. What don’t you fucking understand about that? (Yes, I realize those jokes are beyond stale). Doesn’t matter if Christian Bale is a bastard, I want a new Terminator venture that doesn’t suck. Plus, I want my decision to finally cave and watch Rise of the Machines to not be for nothing.

May 29
Up – My most anticipated film of the year. I love Pixar more than Joanie loved Chachi, so here’s hoping the newest addition to my family won’t prevent me from seeing this in glorious 3D (he’s due on June 3). If for some reason, we can’t see this right when it comes out, I’ll definitely be using our first babysitter credits so we can go see this. In fact, there’s nothing else coming out for the entire month of June that I’m desperate to go see, so if this is the only time we make it out of the house, that’d be acceptable.

4 thoughts on “Spring Movie Season 2009

  1. We would like to see X-Men Wolverine and Star Trek when we are in Calgary, will you wait? Just saw Duplicity, enjoyed it. Nice to see two grown ups on screen – with real dialogue and of course Clive Owen. Most of these I’m pretty curious about as well, I’m sure you can figure out which.

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