Summer Movie Season 2009

May is over, and the summer movie season has already begun with the big releases of Star Trek, Terminator Salvation, and Up. It’s kinda like Christmas, in how it starts earlier every year. But this year I’m grateful, because they got the movies I most wanted to see out of the way early. I expect to be very busy of the next 3 months to, uhh… 20 or so years, and thus won’t have much opportunity to go to movies. Hollywood was nice enough to accommodate the birth of my first child with one of the worst looking summer movie seasons in years. But there’s still a few that I want to see, so I figure I’d list them here, and let you all volunteer to babysit or something later.

From my Spring Movie list, I listed 11 titles, of which I only ended up seeing 5. To be honest, I don’t know if I’m all that excited to see any of the other 6 I listed at all. Maybe State of Play, which looks like a solid rental material, but the rest I’m probably better off missing. Which is probably what will happen with many of the films I list here.

June 5
The Hangover – Who would’ve thought a movie whose biggest star is Ed Helms would get this much early publicity? By all indications, this will be the hit comedy of the summer, launching Zach Galifianakis from indie comedy god to Jack Black/Will Ferrell like popularity. Which is why I probably need to see this early, before all the jokes get out and I’m already tired of this film before it’s come out to DVD.

Away We Go – Sam Mendes is doing indie comedy? As odd as that is, it’s the least interesting part of this movie. Co-scripted by Dave Eggers and starring John Kransinski coming to grips with impending parentdom, this one looks right up my alley. The only worry will be if its too indie twee to tolerate (rather than the proper level of indie twee).

June 19
Year One – Still on the fence about this one. It looks mighty stupid, but still funny. The wife wants to see it, but I’m not convinced it’ll be worth a babysitter.

Food, Inc. – Caught this documentary in Toronto last year, and thought it was one of the top five films of the Fest. It’s an expose on the food industry in America, and hopefully will be the next big thing to catch people’s attention. Because it needs to get noticed, given that, you know, food’s pretty important and all.

July 1
Public Enemies – Christian Bale and Johnny Depp executing Michael Mann’s vision of John Dillinger-era gangsters? Done and done.

July 10
Brüno – I haven’t been following much about this one at all, trying to avoid being sick of it before it even comes out. But I laughed my ass off at Borat (which probably explains why sitting is so uncomfortable), so I’m hoping Sasha Baron Cohen can do it again.

July 15
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – I’ve seen the other Harry Potter films, so I might as well keep on seeing them (even though I didn’t really like the last one). But here’s the problem: in the past, I’d end up going to see the Harry Potter movies because the in-laws invited us to go, so it was never an effort. But, they might be the people we would need to babysit in order to go see this.

July 17
(500) Days of Summer – Especially since I’d rather use up babysitter credits to go see this. I’m hoping this is Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s big break, so he can make better movies than fucking G.I. Joe (which you won’t be seeing on this list).

July 31
Funny People – This is probably my only must-see of the summer. Everything else can wait until blu-ray if need be. I’d like to see it before everyone overpraises it, then the anti-Apatow backlash starts and underrates it.

August 14
Taking Woodstock – Ang Lee does comedy. Would that guy just pick a genre already? Of course, the constantly-shifting of genres might be what makes his films so interesting.

August 21
Inglourious Basterds – Probably won’t be able to convince my wife to see this. But if the reviews are good enough, I’ll give it a shot.

That’s 11 movies. If what everyone says is true, I’ll be lucky to see two of them.

3 thoughts on “Summer Movie Season 2009

  1. Of course I want to see Inglorious Basterds. It has Brad Pitt.

    I want to see Year One because Michael Sera is so cute and funny in his own little way and now he’s in funny little costumes.

  2. Year One has a good concept. The casting makes my mind do tug-of-wars. “It has Michael Cera…but it has Jack Black…”

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