Top 20 TV Shows of 2010

This would make my TV watching so much easier.

I had big plans for my year end TV post to finally dive into podcasting to discuss my list with my TV viewing-and-life partner. I did a good amount of prep so we wouldn’t stumble around the whole time, gave my wife the hard sell to convince her to humour me (a pattern in our relationship), and set aside a night to record (cutting into valuable TV watching time). We talked for about 2.5 hours, going over the greatness of the year in TV, each of the top 20, and a little bit about different shows that missed the list. Sure, that’s a long podcast, but with editing and splitting, I think it would’ve been a fun two-parter. It was all pretty cool… until I realized that I completely screwed up the recording (largely due to the high potentiality that I forgot to hit the “record” button before we started).

We thought about redoing it, making it shorter in the process, but never got around to it. Now we’re over two months past the end of the year, which is a little late to be talking about the previous year of a continuous medium like television. Not only are we past the point of relevance for such a list, the past two months for fresh content makes it pretty difficult (how do you talk about a show in terms of 2010 if it’s continued to run new episodes since then?).

But… I already made the list. And the internet isn’t going to break if one more list is added to it, even one that’s a little late to be relevant. After all, I didn’t spend my time watching all or at least a majority of 41 different shows to not tell people what I think of them. So even though it’s entirely unlike me to do so, I’ll be posting them without comment, since I’ve already spent 2.5 hours sharing my thoughts with my number one reader on these, in addition to thoughts I already typed in last year’s Andy TV Awards and thoughts I’ll share in this year’s awards. But I’d love to discuss any show here if you’re interested, so leave a comment and we can chat.

And now, the list.

20. 30 for 30 (ESPN)
19. Weeds (Showtime)
18. Rubicon (AMC)
17. Archer (FX)
16. Parenthood (NBC)
15. Better Off Ted (ABC)
14. Modern Family (ABC)
13. Cougar Town (ABC)
12. The Good Wife (CBS)
11. Justified (FX)
10. Terriers (FX)
9. Boardwalk Empire (HBO)
8. Friday Night Lights (The 101 Network/NBC)
7. Louie (FX)
6. Lost (ABC)
5. The Pacific (HBO)
4. Parks and Recreation (NBC)
3. Community (NBC)
2. Mad Men (AMC)
1. Breaking Bad (AMC)

We’ll have to try podcasting again another time. When we’re not busy watching television.

3 thoughts on “Top 20 TV Shows of 2010

  1. There are a surprising number of network shows, I guess they are finally stepping up and competing with the cable shows. Granted quite a few have already been canceled. If you watched Fringe you might have one show from all four networks :)

    Considering how much tv I watch and how many similar shows we like, I watch lest than half of these.

    • Network is still out in front in terms of comedy, but still has a lot of catching up to do in terms of drama. But, if they can put out shows like THE GOOD WIFE and PARENTHOOD, maybe there’s still hope.

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