TIFF 08: Day 3

Another day, another three movies. This one was tougher, as the early festival adrenaline was gone and I stayed up too late writing the last post. That, or possibly because the films weren’t as good to keep me from feeling drowsy. To get the celebrity stuff out of the way early: Ed Harris showed up for the early morning screening of Appaloosa to introduce it, which was a nice touch. My wife saw Sarah Polley in the restroom line after a screening (then made sure I stuck around to see her… after the restroom). Then at the big premiere for Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, the stars came out, including Michael Cera and Jay Baruchel. Kim was very excited for them, getting to see them enter the theatre (they sat pretty close to us). They stuck around for a short Q&A, so that was kinda fun. On the way home, we passed the Blindness premiere at the Elgin, catching glimpses of Danny Glover, Geoffrey Rush, and Eric Balfour (wait… does Eric Balfour count as a celebrity sighting?).

Read on for musings on Apaloosa, Edison & Leo, and Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist
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TIFF 08: Day 2

If you’re wondering, no you did not miss my day one post. The Toronto International Film Festival started yesterday evening, but instead of going to movies, we saw the Blue Jays crush the Twins 8-0. So day 2 is my first day of TIFF. Follow along after the cut for musings on Passchendaele, RocknRolla, and JCVD. One note: these won’t be full-on reviews with my typical 5 star scale, as I’ll be seeing too many in too varied a frame of mind (i.e., outside factors like fatigue could come into play more significantly than they normally would). Instead, I’ll share my impressions with a pass/fail/adequate type verdict at the end.
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Preparing for TIFF 08

My wife and I will be attending the Toronto International Film Festival for the first time next week, and after jumping through all the registration hoops, paying for the Out of Town Package, and staying up late to select the 30 films we wanted to see over 10 days, we received confirmation that we got 29.5 out of 30 of our first choice selections. The 0.5 represents one instance where one of us got our first choice for a movie (a documentary called The Biggest Chinese Restaurant in the World), while the other got our backup choice for that timeslot (a Canadian claymation flick called Edison and Leo), so when we get there we’ll have to do some switching so that we’re both going to the same movie (I’m thinking that we’ll have to switch it so we’re both going to Edison and Leo, but we’ll try for the other).

We’re also trying to add one more film to our schedule, the gala premiere of the Coen Brothers’ latest Burn After Reading. Sadly, we couldn’t select it with our Festival Lite package, and I missed out on pre-ordering tickets. So we’ll try for rush line seating, although I’m sure it’s the hottest ticket of the festival, so it’ll be a tough order. Either way, we’ll show up for the premiere, as my wife hopes to see George Clooney and Brad Pitt, even if it’s from behind a rope line.

For the interest of those wondering what we’ll be seeing, I’ve broken down our schedule day by day:
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