Are You Ready for Some Fake Football?

Here it is, the championship game for my fantasy football team, the Sayers Slayers. Long-time readers may remember that I played in the championship game two years ago stuffing their friends pages with constant updates on how the game was going, leading to my third championship. Well, now that I’m going for championship number four, I figured I’d do the same. So be prepared to see lots of posts by me today that may make no sense to you.

Going into today, I’m down 8-0 due to scores from the Thursday and Saturday night games. Actually, it’s just due to yesterday’s game, where Larry Johnson put up a TD and 135 yards on me. On Thursday, I dodged a bullet when Donald Driver finished with 99 yards, with one more yard, he would’ve earned 2 points. I’m hoping that’s an omen. So my opponent is down two players, and I’m starting fresh right now.

Cheer me on flist!

Fantasy Football Draft 2006

Alright, here it is the big fantasy football post. It’ll be long and dry and of next to no interest for most of you, so move along if you’d like. It won’t make you a bad blogging friend.

Going into the draft, I had LaDainian Tomlinson as my franchise player, as I will every season until he is no longer useful. The other franchise players that weren’t available for drafting were Larry Johnson, Shaun Alexander, Edgerrin James, Tiki Barber, Carson Palmer, Terrell Owens, and Cadillac Williams. So the first round of our draft is really like a second round, albeit one where some stupid people used top 8 picks on Palmer and Cadillac.
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I’m getting ready to drive up to Edmonton for my annual visiting with friends/drafting of my fantasy football team. Long-time readers know to expect several boring posts about players on my fake team (the Sayers Slayers) that only one of you will be interested in. Deal with it.

Before the draft, we’ll be playing some poker. So it should be a fun night. Wish me luck!

I’ve already had a bit of bad luck today. While showering, I went to flip open the lid to my shampoo and some shampoo flew out of the cap directly into my eye. FUCK THAT HURT! It was terrible. I knew I had to wash it out, but couldn’t unclench my eye to do so. I ended up doubled over in my shower clutching my face in pain.

I’m kinda hoping that was me getting all my bad luck out of my system for the day, not an omen for things to come.