Movie Review: No End in Sight (2007)

Actually, this represents the one element where there is an end in sight.
No End in Sight (2007)

Starring: Campbell Scott [narrator], General Jay Garner, Ambassador Barbara Bodine, Richard Armitage, Robert Hutchings, Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, Colonel Paul Hughes

Directed by: Charles H. Ferguson
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Movie Review: Michael Clayton (2007)

This poster is somewhat interesting while still being dull. Kinda like the movie.

Michael Clayton (2007)

Starring: George Clooney, Tom Wilkinson, Tilda Swinton, Sean Cullen, Michael O’Keefe, Sydney Pollack

Directed by: Tony Gilroy
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Top 10 Movies of 2006

I gave myself til the end of January to post this list, hoping to catch up on all the end of the year releases that don’t reach most screens until January. Well, it’s the end of January, so it was time to commit to my list. After all, year end lists become less and less relevant the farther away from the end of the year they come.

I didn’t get a chance to see every movie I wanted to see from 2006, but I did catch a lot of them (46 and counting). Movies that I wanted to see by have not yet seen include Pan’s Labyrinth, The Last King of Scotland, Little Children, Flags of our Fathers, Jesus Camp, Deliver us from Evil, Hollywoodland, and The Good German, so that’s why none of them make the list. No worries, as this won’t be my last word on the year in movies (that’ll come around Oscar time).

For most of the year, I thought 2006 to be a pretty crappy year for movies. But, while putting this list together, I realised that it turns out that there was a lot of good movies this year, just not necessarily at the multiplex. Instead, it was a year of disappointing and diminishing returns for heavily promoted movies, especially during the summer. But if you sought out good movies, there was some great ones to be seen. So, if you’re down on the year in film, maybe you just weren’t seeing the right movies.
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