My Record Collection: A-M

That’s right, RECORD collection, AKA vinyl, AKA those big old black round things your parents listened to music on, AKA the hipster music accessory for the new millennium. I started to collect vinyl a few years back, for no good reason other than to do it. Sure, aficionados will tell you that music sounds better on vinyl, and talk about audio waves and digital loss or whatever, but I can’t really say that’s true given that my record player isn’t exactly hi-fi.

Instead, I collect records because I like them. I like owning things, but the digital revolution has made that less and less necessary. I download music all the time, so this isn’t some luddite reactionary thing. But in an era when owning music means having something on your hard drive, I guess going back to a clunky, classic format is a way of separating myself from the herd. Any idiot with a decent internet connection can avail themselves of almost any album (and I usually do), so I guess listening to records is my way of showing that I’m more of a fan of music than them. Or maybe I just think it’s cool.

I’m posting my collection here for the usual stupid reasons: to show off my collection (even though I suspect no one cares), to have a digital copy of my collection should something happen (you know, like theft or fire), so I can remember what I have when I’m away from my house (possibly on my way to buy more records on a lunch break), and for the off chance anyone reading this is thinking of buying me a record, they can consult this list to avoid duplication (look for a link to this post on the sidebar of my blog). And, you know, the whole point of being an obsessive collector is to obsess. So feel free to peruse, critique, discuss, blahblahblah.
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Top 10 Songs by The Beatles

Maybe this is how Paul died?

Since I’ve been listening to The Beatles constantly of late, due to both the latest T5R Survivor and the Across the Universe movie, I felt it time to do a list I’ve been intending on doing for some time now. I’m going to admit right now that this is a list that’s constantly in flux, and other than #10 and #1, you could probably swap any other song on this list up or down a few spots and it would probably still accurately illustrate how I feel about these songs. In other words, I didn’t kill myself deciding what would be #7 and what would be #6. Instead, I focused on what were the ten best songs by the most important band in modern music history.
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Top Five Songs from the 60s

After I read ‘s anderson envy’s top five 60’s songs list, I spent the rest of my morning at work thinking about my own five (and listening to various contenders on my iPod. Oh, and working). I came up with five that I’m pretty happy with, but since I put the list together in a few hours, it’s far from definitive. I’m not much of an obscurist, so some of the usual suspects are in here. Still, sometimes the classics are classics for a reason.
To make it easier on myself, I limited myself to one song per artist. This way, if I want to do an artist-specific top five list later, I won’t have completely spoiled it.
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