POST #48: Movie Trailer Review: The Prestige

Another impressive poster.
My last review of the ‘Thon folks. I’m more excited about it than you are, trust me.

You can view this trailer here:

When you first read that Christopher Nolan is directing a movie starring Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Michael Caine, and Scarlett Johansson, it kinda sounds like a super-awesome Batman meets Wolverine movie. But, alas, it is not.

That said, after watching the trailer for The Prestige, having no idea what the movie was about before seeing it, it is now on the top of my list of 2006 movies I’m most looking forward to seeing. It does a great job in establishing the tense mood of the movie (or at least, I hope it’s a tense mood, given the trailer and all), and introducing the main plot and meaning behind the movie’s name.

The Prestige is about rival magicians Jackman and Bale, each determined to pull off the best trick. It appears that Bale does so, but the nature of this trick seems rather unnatural. The trailer shows a lot of quick clips that show that the movie should be quite the adventure, without giving the entire plot of the movie away (since I’m still not sure what it’s all about). A great piece of advertising that introduces an unknown property (a rarity in today’s moviescape) without giving it all away before anyone sees it.

The Verdict: I’ll definitely be seeing this one, thanks almost entirely to this trailer.

POST #41: Movie Trailer Review: Rocky Balboa

What an epic poster! I think putting together this post might take me longer than it did for them to come up with this poster.
To see the trailer for yourself, go here:

I’d heard that they were making this movie, but I had no idea that they had started the advertising campaign until I saw the link to the trailer a few minutes ago. Out of morbid curiousity, I watched it.

Of course, I never had any interest in seeing this movie, so this trailer had a lot to accomplish to get my money in Christmastime 06. How’d it do? About as well as you think it would.

Which is to say, not very. Honestly, watching it just made me sad. I mean, I don’t really think that much of Sly Stallone as an actor, so I guess I’m not that sad for him. But still… life can’t be that bad that a sixty year old man has to now play a boxer character that he first created 30 years ago and ran into the ground with four sequels. Also, Rocky really wasn’t that great to begin with.

What’s even sadder about this trailer is that it relies almost solely on re-hashing the iconic moments from past movies to generate interest. So Rocky is running up the stairs, wearing the toque (that’s Canadian for wool hat to you Americans out there), punching the beef. There’s no “AAAAADRIAAAAAAAN!!!” moment, but that’s only because there’s no Adrian in this movie. Wow, that’s even sadder that Talia Shire has better things to do and more self-respect than Rambo.

The Verdict: I will never see this movie. Ever.

POST #40: Movie Trailer Review: Spider-Man 3

The Saint continues to innovate!
I’m gonna try something new here, and review a movie trailer! I’ll be judging it based on how well it does its job in making me want to see the movie it is previewing. To see the trailer for yourself, go here:

If I had a video iPod, I’d download this trailer and watch it every day. This very well might be the greatest teaser trailer I’ve ever seen in my life, and the feelings it stirs in me are somewhere between awe and orgasmic. After seeing this, I think I can honestly say that I’ve never looked forward to seeing another movie more in my life than I look forward to seeing Spider-Man 3.

Since it’s just a teaser for a movie that won’t be out until 2007, they probably could’ve gotten away with just showing the darkness spread over Spiday’s red and white suit, then finished with the final shot of the trailer and it would’ve done its job. People would’ve been excited and the buzz would be in the air. But Sony went above and beyond with this one, probably because they wanted to release it on Superman Returns‘ opening night and try and steal some its buzz.

Mission accomplished. This is far more exciting than anything in all of Superman Returns, managing to reveal tidbits of plot ideas for the new movie without giving much away. What’s particularly effective about it is that it gives fanboys a taste of moments that they’ll understand, be it the brief appearance of Sandman, Topher Grace’s revelatory “Parker?”, a new blonde girl in Peter’s life, and Peter Parker battling a black substance in a bell tower. Each of these moments gives me shivers and makes me geek out something fierce, but doesn’t really reveal anything to the uninitiated. Honestly, I’m surprised that I don’t mess myself when watching this trailer, it has me so excited.

The Verdict: I will do everything in my power to see this movie on opening night.