About Andy

I’m a technical writer from Canada who would rather be spending his time dissecting pop culture than creating eLearning tools for my job. Besides a month of film studies (after which I dropped the course), I have no formal training in movie criticism, but don’t think that necessarily invalidates my writing or opinions. There is certainly a place for trained criticism, and several of my favourite critics take that approach. But when it comes to pop culture, everyone has an opinion because it exists for our enjoyment. So the only thing that matters when judging whether or not you’d like to spend your time reading my thoughts on the subject is whether or not you enjoy my writing.

My approach to movies, television, music and other is a happy medium between professional criticism and the average fan. I don’t have the background to be as erudite as some of my favourite critics, but I’m not as prone to reject popular entertainments while backing the obscure either. On the other hand, I do watch/listen to more than my fair share of pop culture, and as a result am not necessarily inclined to follow the masses in praise or scorn for the current flavours of the month. I like to think of myself as someone who recognizes quality, but still understands the desire for entertainment.

I know when I’m looking for opinions on the latest pop culture offerings, I try to find someone who meets that balance. If you do as well, I encourage you to give my writings a shot, and share with me your opinions as comments. After all, I need some reason to justify the massive amounts of time and money I spend on movies, television, music, and books.

4 thoughts on “About Andy

  1. came across your fave albums for every year listing – we may well share Radiohead while wondering why there is no favourite albums listings website nor a facility on facebook to compile and share fave albums in the way that is possible for films with flixter. an opening perhaps?

  2. Great ugly uniform lists! Yesterday I read the lists for the first time and cringed over the memory of all that TEAL. Low and behold I go home for lunch and my bro had just bought a brand new TEAL Yankees hat, what the hell. I guess teal will never die.

  3. Hey Andy,

    Thanks for posting your favorites by The Weakerthans. Ever played anything by Frank Turner? He’s an absolutely huge John K. Samson fan and I’m surprised you haven’t included England Keep My Bones or Love, Ire, and Song on your “best of” lists.
    Peter Thompson

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